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January 18, 2019
Matt Palentchar

After he finished law school in Ohio and received his Juris Doctor, Matt Palentchar high-tailed it to Florida, where he soon passed the bar exam and was hired by a general practice law firm in Naples, Florida. From that platform, Matt practiced real estate, estate planning, civil, criminal and business law. He soon tired of the large law firm atmosphere, however, and he moved on to form Matthew G. Palentchar, Esq., P.A. He ran that firm for about five years, when a life-threatening illness and other personal issues forced him to leave Florida for a time.

Being a tough person, Matt Palentchar recovered and returned to Florida within a short time, where he formed Matthew G. Palentchar, PLLC in St. Petersburg. He continues to practice there and he still lives nearby with his wife and two dogs. He is more focused and feeling better than ever, which is why his latest firm features a far more specific focus on real estate transactions and property law.